I believe it (training) was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for my business. Working one on one with Beckie enabled me to set up my accounts properly in order to advantageously share and market my information. One of the most important elements of my job is to be current and have the ability to connect with people in a way that they understand and move through the world.


Social media is an area which separates the young from the old… which gives those of us not brought up with such technology a feeling of obsolesce. This training provided me with not only the confidence to approach that wall but to successfully break it down. When I am in my sessions I feel that I am learning something that has true practical application.


Having someone take the time to show me how to actually talk the talk – particularly on Twitter has filled the gap. There are tons of seminars around that empower the use of social media marketing plans, but I had not found one that actually taught me how to do the basics, so Beckie’s classes were perfect. She has also done an excellent job in developing a mini twitter community among those she has trained.


I started working with Beckie to help my understanding and usage of the growing social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and of course LinkedIn for work. Her knowledge is unbelievable and teaching skills are fantastic. I highly reccomend Beckie in this regard!! If she can teach me….she can teach anyone!