Make Your Media Social is a program I started to help small businesses and entrepreneurs learn the basic ins and outs of Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn. If you’re feeling extra fun/brave/funky/hip we can also look at Pinterest & Instagram. I will walk you through the set up all of your accounts and help you solidify your personal brand across all platforms. We’ll also set you up with a third party management system like Hootsuite so you can effectively harness the internet and get your media social!

Is this you?

You have a website or small business but have yet to engage in social media because you thought surely it was just a passing fad. Now that you need to play catch up, don’t worry you have me. You can ask all of your embarrassing questions in private, with a no laugh guarantee. Or we’ll at least laugh together?

Maybe this?

You created social media accounts like you were “supposed to.” But after getting profiles created, you tweeted once or twice, let dust gather on your Facebook page, and your LinkedIn profile only has your current job and no picture. Lets work together to get you understanding how things work. And more importantly how they can work for you!

Could be…

You keep pouting about not seeing enough ROI in social media to continue. I.e. you haven’t seen enough feedback or results to keep you motivated. Its like going to the gym. You’re going to need to set aside time each day to devote to managing your content & connections. But once we get your “social metabolism” working for you and streamline the process, you’ll see the results you always wanted. And I won’t make you eat kale chips to do it.

You might be…

A company who needs to tap into the power of your biggest marketing asset. Your employees. You’ve got a social media team and a social media strategy as a brand, but if you’re not looping in your employees simply because you don’t have time to train them thats where I come in. I started MakeYourMediaSocial by training real estate agents in house. If they can learn then so can you!.


If any of this sounds good, contact me for rates at yesplease@makeyourmediasocial.com and let the fun begin!